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What we do

Atlantic Food Labs is a venture studio and early-stage investor for startups with solutions to feed ten billion people by 2050 in a sustainable and healthy way. Founded in 2016, the Berlin-based investor is one of Europe’s leading venture firms for food & ag. It has supported over 20 mission-driven teams to launch their ideas and put great concepts into practice. The portfolio covers the entire value chain – from agtech, alternative protein sources, water supply, food security, decentralized food production, vertical farming, personalised nutrition, food waste, and carbon reduction.

Areas of exploration:

Areas of exploration

We actively explore investment opportunities in the following areas:

Decentralized food production

By 2050, more than 66% of the global population is expected to live in cities. We probe solutions to urban food production, such as vertical farms, insect production, cellular agriculture. Water quality and supply is another pillar of a self-sustaining city that we explore.

Alternative protein sources

Our planet will host more than 9.8 billion people by 2050. This requires additional sources of protein for the masses. We explore plants, mushrooms, insects, algae, as an alternative to meat and dairy products.

Countermeasures to lifestyle diseases

Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and many others, are a result of an unhealthy diet. We seek for ventures that reduce the intake of sugar, salt and trans-fats (“free-from” products).

Increased performance

Our bodies are biological organisms. We believe that we can biohack the functionality of our bodies through solutions for e.g. improved brain functionality, anti-stress, better sleep.

Personalized nutrition

The amount of data on us increases and research provides an ever better understanding of the biological machine of our body. We seek opportunities that leverage knowledge on the human microbiome, body measurement, making use of a large amount of available data to identify the optimum personal nutrition.

Transparent & sustainable brands

Large corporations lack consumers’ trust and credibility, while many categories in the retail shelves have remained unchanged for decades. We believe in transparent and sustainable brands that connect with their customers through unconventional channels.

Synthetic biology

We need 56% more food to feed nearly 10 billion people in 2050. Synthetic biology can be leveraged to produce food without increasing the pressure on resources. We seek ventures that produce sustainable, traceable and nutritious food and other bio-products affecting health and sustainability by applying synthetic biology.

Areas of support:

Areas of support

No matter whether we found companies ourselves or invest in them, the clear focus on food helps us focus on the most critical pieces of success for food ventures:

Sales & distribution

We have a network of dedicated experts and consultants with previous experience as C-level in successful food ventures that provide a much faster than average access to retail at defendable margins.

Product research and development

Having launched over ten new innovative products within less than two years, we closely work with R&D specialists and corporate partners to leverage their research. We strongly encourage the knowledge exchange within the portfolio through the network of food founders.


Especially for our B2C companies, branding is key. Atlantic Food Labs has established pre-negotiated frame agreements with some of the most experienced agencies in the industry.

Human resources

Team wins over idea. We therefore actively assist in the placement from experienced C-level positions to hungry interns into our portfolio companies.


Part of the family of Atlantic Labs, we look back on the experience of raising capital for over 100 companies from some of the most prominent venture capital investors around the world. In addition to that, we have successfully positioned Atlantic Food Labs as one of the go-to stations when it comes to food innovation for large corporations and family offices.


Atlantic Food Labs is delighted to share exciting developments about
our product portfolio ventures, the world of food, and ourselves with you.