Atlantic Food Labs is a place where new food companies are built.
We work together with extraordinary entrepreneurs, whose innovations will define the next era of food and impact everything connected to it. Our investment philosophy is based on four pillars: brand transparency, new distribution models, food R & D and innovations in the traditional value chain.

Transparent food brands

Every product has a story. Consumers demand brands they can trust and products that are transparent. We build new brands where every consumer knows where and how his food was produced, processed and delivered before reaching his plate.

Food distribution

Tech is opening new opportunities for distributing food. We believe that people are more inclined towards the simplification of buying food. We build companies that disrupt the traditional supply chain from producers to end customers.

Value chain innovation

There are many steps in the food value chain from the production of ingredients to the preparation and consumption of a full meal. We believe that there is potential for improvement in each one of these steps.


Inventing totally new products or reinventing existing products. We are excited to support innovations that offer consumers new eating experiences. Tech and R&D are able to re-engineer food, optimising everything from development cycles to nutrition.

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